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Comedian’s Wonder Woman Costume Dance

It’s Friday! Time for a fun weekend. Comedian Seth Herzog knows what I’m talking about. Here he is performing his famous Wonder Woman dance. I’ll be dancing just like this in just a few hours. Ok, not really.

See you all on Monday!

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Amazing DragonCon Cosplay Video

Wow, this cosplay video gave me chills, it’s so amazing and well done. Beatdownboogie was on the scene at the recent DragonCon convention in Atlanta. They made this stunning tribute to all the cosplayers. I can’t imagine how much work and planning went into making this happen.

Absolutely epic, great job!

And thanks to Daniel D. for the tip.

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Clown Noses at the Superhero Street Fair

Good old Mark Day, the man behind Mark Day Comedy, was kind enough to tip me off to his latest costume video. Watch all the great costumes from the recent SuperHero Street Fair in San Francisco. Looks like so much fun!

Notice all the clown noses? Yes, Why the Nose was there, spreading good cheer. Why the Nose is a movement dedicated to making people smile… by wearing a clown nose! It works, too. Just try to watch this video while frowning. Not possible.

Thanks for the heads up, Mark. Great job as always.

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Little Girl in Costume Steals the Spotlight

Ha, this is too funny. During a performance in Russia, a ballerina gets upstaged by a little girl in a fox costume. The little fox just hangs out in back and tries to copy her moves. You can see a few adults try to make a grab for her, but no one seems willing to interrupt the ballerina. What a show stealer!

[via Huffington Post]

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Bev Buckle Beverage Holder

Check out the this giant belt buckle. It flips open to hold your drink! LOL, that does look rather silly, but it’s a creative idea. Just no dancing or you’ll shake it up too much. These run for about $35.00 on

[via Geekologie]

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Man Disguised as Car Seat Gets Caught at Border

Wow, talk about a costume. A man tried to sneak into Spain by disguising himself as a car seat. His accomplices took out the seat stuffing, and he climbed inside.

He got caught at the border when officials searched the car seat and touched human flesh. That’s crazy!

[via BoingBoing]

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Swedish Chef Costume, Bork! Bork!

Here’s a well made Swedish Chef costume from the Muppets. Bork bork bork! This guy has the impression down, he sounds just like him. And that dog is a great sport, lol. Great job, Sir!

[via Neatorama]

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Nick Fury Cat Costume

Aww, what a cute and tough looking Nick Fury. A little eye patch and leather collar is all this cat needs to assemble the Avengers. This was made by Migrainesky, and posted on DeviantArt. Fantastic!

[Migrainesky via The Mary Sue]

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