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Explaining Futurama with Costumes

Here’s one for Futurama fans. The Know Your Meme team dresses up in Futurama costumes to explain all the Internet jokes attributed to Matt Groening’s popular TV show. The animated comedy has lots of great quotes, and I see Futurama memes all over the place.

You can tell they had fun with the costumes. Makes me want to see a live action version of the show. 🙂

[via Know Your Meme]

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More Fun with Beer Hats

I found some more cool beer hats I wanted to share. You may recall, last month I posted a nifty cowboy hat made from an empty beer box. has an expanded collection of these types of hats. They have the standard cowboy hat, as well as a boxy cowboy version. They also have an awesome top hat, which might be my favorite.

And if cardboard beer boxes aren’t your thing, check out their collection of knitted hats with actual beer cans sewn on. Now THAT is stylish.

Fun stuff! Check them out at


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Darth Joker Costume is a Bit of a Mystery

Does anyone recognize this awesome Darth Joker cosplayer? I’ve searched high and low for more pics or information about this costume, but I couldn’t find anything.

This was actually posted by Mark Hamill on Twitter. I’m not even sure what event this is from… maybe Star Wars Celebration VI in Florida? If anyone has more info they can share, that would be wonderful.

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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday! Here’s a video called “Mahina Is Coming!” – A Mermaid Adventure. It’s a fun commercial for kids’ merfins, made and sold by Oceanika MerFin.

Prices start in the $89 range, and the fins look great for kids swimming in the pool or at the beach. Plus, it’s a good way to teach children about aquatic life and respecting nature. Very nice!

Inspired from my mermaiding adventures I have developed the Oceanika MerFin. It has been my desire and vision to touch the hearts, imagination, and dreams of children. I want to promote ‘Mermaiding’ as a new concept in beach and pool culture. It is my hope that the MerFins will encourage children to discover the beauty of the ocean, to listen to the natural world around them and follow what they love.

Oceanika MerFin

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Awesome Makeup: Botched Painting Costume

You should really check out this costume and makeup job. LOL, remember last week when the media reported on a botched painting restoration? An 80-year-old woman tried to restore a 19th century painting, but ended up making it look ridiculous.

Well, now someone has made it into a costume. Haha! So creepy and funny. Don’t you just love the Internet?

[via Imgur]

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Excellent Cosplay from Star Wars Celebration VI

An Animal Muppet stormtrooper and Bender R2-D2 crossover (Futurama) are just some of the many incredible costumes at the Star Wars Celebration VI in Florida.

Fashionably Geek is on the scene, and they have a great cosplay gallery of all the costumed Star Wars fans. Follow the link to view them all.

Oh, I wish I could be there, it looks like so much fun.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Creepy Fluttershy Costume (My Little Pony)

TGIF! Let’s all dance our way to the weekend. 🙂

This Fluttershy costume from My Little Pony is indeed rather creepy. Is she dancing or convulsing? Personally, I like this video better with the sound muted. LOL, how funny. The video was shot at Anthrocon 2012 in Pittsburgh by iBolt07.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Disney Princesses… Zombified!

I love these drawings of zombie Disney princesses. So horribly awesome! These are created by DeviantArtist clocktowerman.

His gallery is full of amazing drawings, including a zombie Ronald McDonald. Be sure to check it out!

[clocktowerman.deviantart via Mashable]

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