Elephants Painted Like Pandas

Elephants painted like pandas? These photos are from a few years ago, when folks in Thailand were in a fever over their new baby panda.

Zookeepers felt that their elephants, the country’s national symbol, were being ignored in lieu of all the panda fuss. So they painted their elephants to look like pandas, and paraded them around the zoo.

Interesting! The elephants look pretty cool, but I think that’s a rather strange thing to do. It makes much more sense to dress the pandas in elephant costumes. 🙂

Sick of all the fuss, keepers at the Ayutthaya-Elephant Kraal decided to take drastic-action, painting five of their neglected giants in watercolour paint, then parading them before schoolchildren.

The stunt has resulted in panda-monium as the zookeepers try to draw the country’s attention back to its neglected giants.

[via Daily Mail]

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