Creative “Riding an Ogre” Costume for Sale

Here’s a fun and creative costume that looks like you are riding on the shoulders of a renaissance Ogre or Troll. Very cool!

Made by Shazawi, it’s for sale on Etsy for $325. With Halloween fast approaching, I bet this sells fast.

Meet “Dawayn”….your friendly ogre/troll! This costume is brand new and is lightweight and fully lined, making it very comfortable to wear. It opens and closes up the front and is as easy to put on and take off as a jacket. When wearing this costume, your legs/pants and footwear become “DaWayn’s” legs/pants and footwear. He will effortlessly “carry you” wherever you wish to go! Perhaps, even, the Ren Fairre?!

[via Shazawi on Etsy]

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