Mermaid Monday
August 27, 2012 mermaid monday

It’s Mermaid Monday! Here’s a video called “Mahina Is Coming!” – A Mermaid Adventure. It’s a fun commercial for kids’ merfins, made and sold by Oceanika MerFin.

Prices start in the $89 range, and the fins look great for kids swimming in the pool or at the beach. Plus, it’s a good way to teach children about aquatic life and respecting nature. Very nice!

Inspired from my mermaiding adventures I have developed the Oceanika MerFin. It has been my desire and vision to touch the hearts, imagination, and dreams of children. I want to promote ‘Mermaiding’ as a new concept in beach and pool culture. It is my hope that the MerFins will encourage children to discover the beauty of the ocean, to listen to the natural world around them and follow what they love.

Oceanika MerFin

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