LED Lights Added to Brazilian Carnival Costumes

It’s Carnival day at My Disguises! Well, at least it worked out that way, as all I’ve posted so far are costumes from various carnivals. I never know which direction the costume winds will blow, I’m just along for the ride.

Check out these Brazilian carnival costumes with LED lights attached. These costumes were part of the Olympic closing ceremonies, with a special tribute to Brazil. Designers Moritz Waldemeyer and Jum Nakao collaborated to create an elaborate performance of “an eighty-piece drum parade, brazilian samba girls, amazonian folk dancers, and maracatu.” The lights actually flashed to the beat of the drums. That would have been quite a sight to see!

“We wanted to root our creations in Brazilian culture and history but with a twist. The jewellery is actually made up of electronics equipment – circuit boards and cables – and even drinking straws, a reference to grassroots creativity.”

Waldemeyer also explored new territories regarding LED programming. Usually the costumes would be individually controlled by battery, however, for the first time, Waldemeer synchronized the LEDs’ animation to all beat to the drums. He did this by employing the available Olympic radio network, and created a system where the costumes respond the tempo of the music so that they are all perfectly in time.

[via designboom]

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