Costume Photos from the Taste of the Caribbean Festival

Take a look at these carnival costumes from the Taste of the Caribbean Festival in Hartford, CT. The Institute for Community Research sponsors a costume camp for teens, known as Mas Camp. Girls learn to make exquisite costumes based on carnivals around the world.

An exhibit featuring their costumes opened yesterday at the ICR Gallery in Hartford. If you’re in the area, you should check it out. Really amazing work! View the full gallery on their Facebook page.

The event will also mark the graduation of 20 young women plus over 50 volunteer students who have been learning how to make and wear colorful and imaginative costumes (Mas) such as those worn in Trinidad‐style carnivals around the world. The six‐week project is a collaboration of the Institute’s Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program (CHAP) and the Connecticut International Cultural Carnival Association (CICCA), whose director Linford “Junior” Miller has organized costume production and display for several national and international carnivals.

[via Hartford Courant & Facebook]

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