Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday! Today’s feature is the beautiful Mermaid Star.

Mermaid Star is based in the Tampa Bay area, where she operates her business, Sea Star Studios. When she’s not swimming or performing at an event, she’s busy making and selling quality mermaid tails and tops. Sounds like a great job!

Want to shop for a mermaid tail that you can wear underwater? Visit Mermaid Star’s Etsy Shop or her Ebay Store.

I have been interested in mermaids since I was a small child, but really, what little girl isn’t? I spent many a summer swimming in the pool, being called a fish by the adults in the community. I had always wanted to be a mermaid, I just didn’t know how. Years later a friend of mine “Siren”, began to work with the Mertailor as a model. Eventually, I got to as well. This made one of my dreams come true! I later auditioned and made it into the Mertailor’s Performance group where I learned a few underwater tricks along with my friends. The show was not to move on though and this new mermaid is looking for a new home. I found a wonderful community that has helped me connect with other mers. If you are a mer, you should check it out too!

Learn more about Mermaid Star!

[Sea Star Studios | Facebook | Etsy | Ebay ]

Want to be a featured Mermaid? Please Contact me.

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