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Prepare your Dog for Halloween with a Sock

If you’re planning on dressing your dog in a costume for Halloween, you may want to consider training your pet first. Anna from suggests using a sock and positive reinforcement, so your pooch doesn’t get too scared when a strange mask is put on its face.

An interesting idea, indeed. If your dog gets scared easily, this technique certainly couldn’t hurt.

I suppose dog costumes are so popular because it has become more acceptable to treat pets like children. Thing is, children and dogs want different things. Children want to eat candy and watch SpongeBob. Dogs want to smell each others’ butts and run around naked.

That doesn’t mean that we humans can’t have our fun. I made this video to show how you can do some basic positive reinforcement training to help your dog create good associations with his costume.


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Elephants Painted Like Pandas

Elephants painted like pandas? These photos are from a few years ago, when folks in Thailand were in a fever over their new baby panda.

Zookeepers felt that their elephants, the country’s national symbol, were being ignored in lieu of all the panda fuss. So they painted their elephants to look like pandas, and paraded them around the zoo.

Interesting! The elephants look pretty cool, but I think that’s a rather strange thing to do. It makes much more sense to dress the pandas in elephant costumes. 🙂

Sick of all the fuss, keepers at the Ayutthaya-Elephant Kraal decided to take drastic-action, painting five of their neglected giants in watercolour paint, then parading them before schoolchildren.

The stunt has resulted in panda-monium as the zookeepers try to draw the country’s attention back to its neglected giants.

[via Daily Mail]

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Assembling in Funny Avengers Costumes

Avengers Assemble! Ha, these guys get a A for effort, I think. They all look great! I love Iron Man’s cardboard armor, and that Hulk suit is just amazing.

Putting googly eyes on a morph suit is a brilliant idea. Great job, Guys!

[via Reddit]

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Vintage Footage of 1960s Costume Taxidermy

Well, this video from the 1960s is indeed a bit creepy. Walter Potter was a taxidermist who enjoyed dressing up dead animals in costumes and posing them in human situations. Huh.

Some of his sets took years to finish. Crazy stuff!

British Pathe made this video at Potters Museum in the 1960s. Walter Potter lived in Bramber his whole life and spent his time dressing up stuffed animals elaborately and placing them in human scenarios.

The original narrations states “Potter was a genius who made fur-lined dolls into whimsical but veritable works of poetic art”. Of course some people today would see his life’s work as abhorrent and disgusting. He was undoubtedly a true British eccentric.

[via Britishpathe]

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Creative “Riding an Ogre” Costume for Sale

Here’s a fun and creative costume that looks like you are riding on the shoulders of a renaissance Ogre or Troll. Very cool!

Made by Shazawi, it’s for sale on Etsy for $325. With Halloween fast approaching, I bet this sells fast.

Meet “Dawayn”….your friendly ogre/troll! This costume is brand new and is lightweight and fully lined, making it very comfortable to wear. It opens and closes up the front and is as easy to put on and take off as a jacket. When wearing this costume, your legs/pants and footwear become “DaWayn’s” legs/pants and footwear. He will effortlessly “carry you” wherever you wish to go! Perhaps, even, the Ren Fairre?!

[via Shazawi on Etsy]

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How To Make Bras and Bikinis out of Old Clothes

Have you ever wondered how to make a bra out of men’s underwear? Or how to make a bikini out of an old t-shirt? Then today is your lucky day, my friends. These helpful tutorials from WikiHow will take you on a journey to the land of awesome fashion.

First up, we have How to Recycle an Old T Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini. Hmm, it looks a bit complicated, but not too hard. Not bad!

This inspiring second videos shows you How to Make a Sports Bra Using a Men’s Brief. Very fashionable. Now it’s time to hit the gym and show off your new outfit!

I sure love learning new things. Thanks, WikiHow!

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Creepy Vintage Mardi Gras Masks

Oh, how creepy. This looks like a scene in a horror movie, but it’s actually just an old photo of a 1933 Mardi Gras celebration in Munich, Germany.

I wonder what they’re cooking? And where can I get that parrot mask?

[via io9]

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Paper Doll Tribute to Bill Murray

A Bill Murray paper doll? Sounds good! Artist Niege Borges is such a huge fan of Mr. Murray, that she made a unique thank you card for him. She created a Bill Murray paper doll, and dressed him in all the costumes he’s worn in his movies.

She then made a video showing all his cool costumes called “Bill Wearing Socks.” Ha, this is great! You can buy the paper doll poster at her store.

[via iwatchstuff]

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