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Mascot Costumes Used as Therapy for Autism

Wired has a very interesting article about the origin of inflatable mascot costumes, and how they help autistic people become more outgoing.

Lee Bowen noticed inflatable banners and signs being used to promote businesses, and he liked them well enough to change careers and become a distributor. Eventually, he got the idea to put people inside them, and began constructing inflatable mascot costumes to be worn outside of businesses and at sporting events.

One day he needed a kid to dress up in the costume, and the only person available was a teenager named Joe who suffered from autism. Amazingly, once he was inside the suit, Joe became alive and much more social.

Hughes showed up with her son Joe, an 18-year-old who was, as Hughes put it, nonsocial. “He won’t look at anybody or approach anybody,” she says. “All he does is look at the floor and mumble.” But Bowen needed that demo. They decided Joe would give it a try. “You wouldn’t believe it. This kid was fine,” Hughes says. “He started running up to people and tapping them on the shoulder. I started crying. It is the only time I’ve seen my son having a good time and reaching out to people. He told me, ‘Mom, when I’m in the suit, I don’t need to be afraid no more. I can be with people.’”

Bowen has since teamed up with psychologists to explore mascot costumes as a form of therapy. Isn’t that amazing? I guess it feels safe inside the costume, making it easier to socialize.

I encourage you to head over to Wired and read the full article. It’s a bit long, but certainly worth a read!

[Wired via @ElizabethAmber]

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Medieval Underwear Uncovered in Austria

Some ancient underwear has been found by archaeologists in Austria. These are from the 15th century… a women’s bra shown above, and a pair of original men’s tighty whitey’s are shown below.

This is significant because until now, it’s been believed that the bra wasn’t invented until the 19th century. Very interesting!

There are some written medieval sources on possible female breast support, but they are rather vague on the topic. Henri de Mondeville, surgeon to Philip the Fair of France and his successor Louis X, wrote in his Cyrurgia in 1312–20: “Some women… insert two bags in their dresses, adjusted to the breasts, fitting tight, and they put them [the breasts] into them [the bags] every morning and fasten them when possible with a matching band.”

[ via Boing Boing]

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Video of Johnny Depp in Tonto Costume

Johnny Depp is filming The Lone Ranger, and here he is in full costume as Tonto. Boy, I can’t recognize him at all, great makeup job.

In the video, Depp meets with the president of the Navajo nation at Monument Valley. I wondered if he was speaking Navajo, and the YouTube description confirms it. Very cool!

Just thought I would share this. Side note Johnny Depp is such a nice guy in person. Hope you like. Sorry the audio sucks, it was a windy day. In the Video he is speaking with Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly. The President is offering Mr. Depp a tour of Navajo Land and testing his Navajo….lol. Enjoy.

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters in the summer of 2013.

[via LINK]

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The Coors Light Warrior

Behold, the Coors Light Warrior! Wow, I’m impressed. This guy was spotted at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, dressed in a full cardboard suit — complete with helmet and boots.

Somebody sign him up for Spartacus, his armor looks a lot like the costumes worn on Starz’ hit gladiator show.

Very well done, Sir!

[via Oddee]

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Trek Yourself with Custom Bra

Here’s a very nice Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Bra, custom painted and sold on Etsy for $30.00. If you’ve ever wanted to “boldly go,” now’s your chance.

Hand painted using acrylic paint with a textile medium. It is permanent and washable, and it will come with care instructions.

Visit the SceeneShoes to view a full gallery of painted bras and shoes!

[via Fashionably Geek]

It would go great with this $7.50 “Trek Yourself” shirt from Walmart!

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Goat Man Story Gets Even Funnier

Here’s a costume story that just keeps getting better and better. A week ago, you may have heard about a man in a goat costume who was spotted wandering with wild goats on the mountainside of Northern Utah.

Redditor Stop_roid_rage was actually looking for wild goats on a hike, when he saw this guy and snapped a few photos. Pretty funny, even the major news outlets picked up the story.

Okay, then these guys decide to try and find mystery goat man. Tim Sessions and Matt Tribe drove to Ben Lomond Peak where he was spotted, but alas, the goat man was not to be found. So they made the best of it, and took photos of a hot dog in the wild. LOL, why not? You can never go wrong with a hot dog costume. You can read more about Tim and Matt on Goat man, meet hot dog man.

Finally, the true identity of the Goat Man was recently revealed! Ogden’s Standard Examiner is reporting that 57-year-old hunter Phil Douglass has come forward and confessed to his wild costuming.

Why did he do it? Hunting. He was practicing for an archery hunt and wanted to test his goat suit. Oh, of course! That makes perfect sense.

The man said the goat costume was made out of a hooded painter’s suit, the kind that is readily available for purchase in home repair stores. He outfitted the suit with Polarfleece to give it the appearance of fur and wore a hat backward, pulling the brim down to his chin to look like a billy goat’s beard, Douglass said.

The man mentioned that there are small groups of hunters who also wear goat suits to get close to herds.

“Hunters do some amazingly creative things to be successful,” Douglass said.

Aw, those poor goats, I hope they realize it’s just a costume. Kind of reminds me of this, lol.

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Awesome ‘They Live’ Cosplay

The aliens from They Live were spotted at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego. Fortunately, a photographer used a camera lens that allowed their true nature to be revealed! Ha, what great costumes. I sure love this movie, what a classic.

[via BoingBoing]

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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday!

I’m actually on a bit of a vacation, so posts are a bit light today. But here’s the lovely Darryl Hannah from the 1984 movie Splash. She’s quite the mermaid, and I really enjoyed this movie.

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