Super Dad and Son have Spider-Man Costume Fun

This costume video is amazing! A dad and son both dress up as Spider-Man and go to the trampoline park. That kid is having so much fun, wow. What a fantastic father. Inspired by the movie Big Daddy, he uses costumes to motivate his son to behave properly and do his chores — and have fun at the same time. Now that’s how you do it.

There’s a scene in an Adam Sandler’s movie, “Big Daddy,” where Adam dresses up as Scuba Steve, an action-hero, in order to creatively make the boy he’s caring for do things. Ever since I watched that scene, I’ve wanted to do the same as a father. I’m now a father and can happily do it :)

 On July 21, 2012, I surprised my 3 year old son, Oliver, as Spider-Man in his room. We played with his toys and jumped around. I also made him the promise of going to a trampoline park if he behaved well. On July 25, 2012, I followed through on my promise and took Oliver to the trampoline park as Spider-Man. Just like in the movie Big Daddy, I’m using the disguise of a super-hero to get him to do things and make him happy at the same time. I highly recommend parents to do this.

[teachusmore via TDW Geeks]

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