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Stars Wear Roach Costumes at Breaking Bad Premiere Party

Here’s one for Breaking Bad fans… the new season starts soon, on July 15th! These photos were taken at some recent premiere event party. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are wearing cockroach costumes! How interesting. It must have something to do with the plot of season 5. Guess we’ll find out soon.

I sure love Breaking Bad. It’s definitely one of the best shows ever made. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out!

[via Reddit]

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Learning about Bees with Costumes

Here’s a great example of how costumes can be used in education. Isabella Rossellini and friends dress up in bee costumes, and explain how bees stay alive, how they communicate, and how they help other plants survive through pollination.

Sounds like a lot of work, but I guess that’s why they are called Busy Bees!

[via TDW]

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Cat in Sweater Packs for Vacation

Here’s a cute kitty in a lovely red sweater, getting ready to go on vacation. What’s he going to pack?

This is just a funny video that gave me a chuckle. The actor is actually pretty good, I think — and the dressed up cat gives me the excuse I need to post it! I hope they have a good vacation.

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Vintage Photo of Top Hat Swimmers

These dapper gentlemen may not be wearing much, but they do have mighty fine top hats. LOL, what a great photo. This is The Brighton Swimming Club and Sea Bathing for Men, taken in 1863.

A group photograph of nineteen members of the Brighton Swimming Club, believed to have been taken by the photographer Benjamin William Botham in 1863. The Brighton Swimming Club was established following a meeting of swimming enthusiasts at The Jolly Fisherman in Brighton’s Market Street, on 4th May 1860.

Thanks to Dr. Bob for the tip!


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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday! Here are some great photos of Mermaid Malena, a stunning mermaid performer and pro scuba diver.

When Malena is not in her mermaid costume, she is the owner of Chesapeake Bay Diving Center, based in Portsmouth, VA. CBDC is a full service diving center for recreational and commercial divers.

Learn more about Mermaid Malena on Facebook!


Want to be a featured Mermaid? Please Contact me.

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Adorable Mickey Mouse and Princess Leia Costume Team Up

And now it’s time for what’s likely the most adorable pic you’ll see all week… it’s Mickey Mouse and Princess Leia! LOL, what a truly great photo.

Mickey is on the attack, and Leia is bravely lending a helping hand. Don’t they make a great team? So cute.

[via Reddit]

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George R.R. Martin Costume in Parody Video

Fans of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire series are sure to get a kick out of this song by Paul and Storm. While we all love the books, everyone knows that author George R.R. Martin… well, lets say that he likes to take his time, shall we?

This song does a great job of praising the books, while telling George to hurry up and finish writing! I love the George Martin costumes in this video. Paul and Storm did a great job giving him a little well deserved teasing. Write like the wind, George!

[via Paul and Storm. Produced by Geek Sundry]

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Band Breaks Record for Most Costume Changes in Video

The band Eytan and The Embassy has set a world record for the Most Costume Changes in an Unedited Music Video. There are 18 costume changes in this video! And yes, this was all shot in one single take. Wow, I can only imagine how tricky that must have been.

The song is appropriately named Everything Changes, and it’s quite catchy. All the costume changes are so impressive — wonderful job, Guys!

[via Laughing Squid]

Bonus Video! Here’s the behind the scenes video showing how it was made.

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