League of Steam Battles Zombies!
June 7, 2012 steampunk

I sure love the League of Steam. I’ve been enjoying their second season very much this year. They go out with a bang in this zombie-filled season finale, appropriately named Dead End.

In this season’s thrilling conclusion, Crackitus, Thaddeus, Baron and Katherine are lured into a deadly trap. Will they conquer the undead horde, or are they doomed to become a zombie’s afternoon snack?

Here are some fun facts about this epic episode:

  • Over 70 cast & crew worked on this episode.
  • There are 40 zombies in the cast.
  • There were 6 professional stunt people that played ‘Stunt Zombies.’
  • It took 10 special effects makeup artists to give the zombies that extra undead goodness.

The League of Steam deserves a big round of applause, and I look forward to season 3!

[via LeagueofSteam]

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