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Wave and Goth Musical Festival in Germany

Check out these photos from Wave-Gotik Treffen, a Goth/Wave musical festival in Leipzig, Germany. The festival wrapped up yesterday, and over 20,000 people were in attendance.

Some amazing fashion here. Very unusual! Looks like a wild time.

[Wave-Gotik Treffen via BoingBoing]

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Full Body Meat Armor

I have no words… wow. This guy’s wearing fully body armor made of meat?

Spotted by Tosh.0, I don’t have any more info about this photo. I assume it’s real and not Photoshopped? Hard to say for sure.

[via Tosh.0]

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Hair Hiding Fashion Fun

It’s amazing what you can do with a Power Fro. It turns out, you can hide a lot of pens while looking awesome at the same time.

Now with Bonus Clip: The Toothpick Power Beard!

[via Reddit]

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New Dark Knight Rises TV Spots

In case you’ve missed them on TV, here are two new mini-trailers for the Dark Knight Rises. Fun little clips, though there’s not a whole lot of new footage that we haven’t already seen.

We get to see a bit of chemistry between Batman and Catwoman, while Batman struggles a bit to get back in the game. Great stuff! July 20th can’t come soon enough.

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Awesome Baboon Mask

Take a look at this unusual baboon mask, made by FullMoonMasks. Isn’t it awesome? The wearer looks through the nostrils to see. This mask is currently on sale for only $54.95.

This would probably go great with a gorilla suit, if you happen to have one laying around (doesn’t everybody?).

[via FullMoonMasks]

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Batman Meets Vader on the Subway

Batman vs Darth Vader? Uh oh. I don’t know where this photo originated, but it looks like there’s about to be trouble on the subway.

Batman, you are the coolest superhero ever, okay? But sorry, my money’s on Vader. You should run.

Update: Oh, it came from this video of Toronto Batman with Chad Vader! Not sure how I missed this one. Thanks for the heads up, Toronto Batman!

[via Fashionably Geek]

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The Costumes of Dean Pelton from Community

Fans of the TV show Community are well aware of the crazy costumes worn by the school’s dean. If you’ve never seen the show, Dean Pelton is highly energetic, and frequently bursts into the study group with some funny announcement. He’s such a great character.

So take a look at this artwork by Dennis Culver. He’s illustrated all 34 costumes worn by the Dean, in chronological order as he appears on the show. Very impressive!

You can order a 24″ x 36″ poster-sized print directly from Dennis’ online store for $40. This artwork will also be shown at the Six Seasons and a Movie art show on June 23-24 in Los Angeles.

[Dennis Culver via ComicbookResources]

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Wild Ice Cream Costume Fun

Oh, this is a rare find. A reclusive wild ice cream is spotted in Alex Baird’s yard. He was lucky to have his camera ready. This is the only known footage of the timid creature, so amazing!

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