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Dog Dressed as 2 Pirates Carrying Treasure

Wow, this costume made me do a double take. It’s a dog dressed as two pirates carrying treasure. Amazing!

I don’t know the story behind this, but it was posted on Twitter by @chiefbrody1984, who writes:

If you’ve seen a better picture of a dog dressed as two pirates carrying a treasure chest today, I don’t believe you.

[@chiefbrody1984 via Daily What]

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Cosplay Web Series Premieres on Nerdist Channel

A cosplay web series? Count me in!

Nerdist has just announced a new show called “Just Cos” which premieres this Sunday on their YouTube channel. Sounds great, I will definitely check this out.

Cosplayers, make sure to take a deep breath this Sunday – you’re going to need the excess oxygen because you’ll be screaming with excitement when Just Cos premieres on the Nerdist Channel on YouTube. This one-stop shop for all things cosplay, co-produced with Broadway Video, is just what the doctor ordered to turn your Sunday from lazy to crazy (awesome).

[Nerdist Channel & Nerdist.com]

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Singing Flowers Costume from Alice in Wonderland

Here’s lovely costume… an elaborate rendition of the singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland. Wow, this is very impressive!

You can watch a clip from the animated movie below. What a creative costume idea.

[via Imgur]

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