Awesome Lady Loki Costume

Check out this amazing Lady Loki costume, made and modeled by the talented Courtney Coombs. I haven’t posted one of Courtney’s costumes in a while, as she’s been busy with costume design school.

But she had time to make this awesome costume, which she wore to the midnight premier of The Avengers. Later, she did a photo shoot with Jay Auty in a cool looking old car park. I love her Loki helmet, what a top notch job. Excellent job, Courtney!

My pride and joy, Loki’s helmet. It took me three prototypes (made of foam and posterboard) and then I made the final one out of 8oz leather. Totally worth it and presumably way more comfortable than the real resin helmet.

[via Courtney Coombs on DeviantArt]

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