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Cute Little Wonder Woman Looks Sad in her Costume

Well isn’t this little girl just the cutest thing ever? Why so sad, Wonder Woman? C2E2 can be a little overwhelming, we understand.

[Photo by David Ngo via Fashionably Geek]

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Funny Fan Made Avengers Trailer from 1978

I’ve had a few people email me about this 1978 Avengers trailer. It’s edited to look like a CBS special that actually aired. The Avengers battle KISS? Sounds amazing! Too bad this wasn’t real.

In the late 70s, there was a Captain America movie made, and also a Hulk TV show. Thor made an appearance in one of the Hulk TV movies. LOL, but the rest of the video is cleverly taken from other movies and TV shows, Halloween specials, etc.

Hats off to whoever made this, you did a wonderful job!

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The Soundsuits of Nick Cave

Check out these amazing costumes known as Soundsuits. Nick Cave creates art this is part sculpture, part costume, and the result is quite unique. He uses items found at thrift stores to make these costumes, and he takes them into public streets in an attempt to provoke thought and a little confusion from passersby.

[via PBS]

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Baby in a French Bulldog Costume

Just a photo of two French Bulldogs? Not so fast. One of these dogs just might be a baby in a costume.

A cute idea! Now I want to see the dog in the crib, dressed as a baby. 🙂

[via Neatorama]

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Holy Musical B@man

Have you seen this Batman musical parody, Holy Musical B@man? It’s well done, with good music, comedy and costumes. I cracked up when Batman appears… he’s wearing real underwear over his tights, with a fly. Hah, that’s awesome.

I’ve set the video to start towards the end, but if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, you can watch all of Part 1 above.

Holy musical, Batman! It’s time for crime-fighting shenanigans with everyone’s second favorite superhero (right after Spider-Man). After witnessing the murder of his parents, a young billionaire makes a solemn vow to dress up like a bat and wage a one-man war on the rouges of Gotham. So get ready to see the Dark Knight the way you always dreamed of… singing and dancing!

Holy Musical B@man! was written and directed by Matt Lang & Nick Lang and features music & lyrics by Nick Gage, with additional music by Scott Lamps.

Thanks to Jared for the email tip!

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Bulldog at a Costume Parade

Well look at this pretty lady, all dressed up in a fancy dress, along with fabulous red shoes. LOL, I’m not sure how much fun she’s having. Oh, what we do to our beloved pets.

This photo was taken at the 2011 New York Dog Parade in Tompkins Square. Adorable!

[via BusinessInsider]

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Mermaid Monday

Raina the Halifax Mermaid

Welcome to Mermaid Monday! This is a new weekly feature I want to try here on MyDisguises.

I was contacted by the friendly and helpful Mermaid Lorelei, who brought my attention to the lovely mermaid (and merman) costuming community. Yes, if you look around MyDisguises, you’ll notice I have left the mermaids high and dry. Well, it’s time to correct that!

I hope to feature a mermaid each week, and talk about making tails, tops, and other mermaid costume tips along the way. I am new to this scene, so I welcome tips and suggestions from mermaids. And if you want to be featured, please do contact me!

Today’s mermaid is Raina the Halifax Mermaid. What a gorgeous costume! Raina loves marine life, and she uses Mermaid folklore to raise awareness about oceanic ecology issues. She also puts a creative spin on mermaids to help encourage children to read.

Raina appears in an educational capacity at schools, and she’s also available for birthday parties, corporate events and photo shoots. Click Here to view her booking details.

What an impressive gal! Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Raina. She has so many great photos and videos, I’ll be sure to feature more of her work in the future.

[ & Raina on Facebook]

Want to be a featured Mermaid? Please Contact me.

Big thanks to Mermaid Lorelei for contacting me!

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Bottle of Pepsi Baby Costume

Aww, what an adorable baby, and a clever costume idea. I never realized that a 2-liter bottle is the perfect size for a baby hat. So cute!

[via Reddit/Imgur]

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