Mermaid Monday

Raina the Halifax Mermaid

Welcome to Mermaid Monday! This is a new weekly feature I want to try here on MyDisguises.

I was contacted by the friendly and helpful Mermaid Lorelei, who brought my attention to the lovely mermaid (and merman) costuming community. Yes, if you look around MyDisguises, you’ll notice I have left the mermaids high and dry. Well, it’s time to correct that!

I hope to feature a mermaid each week, and talk about making tails, tops, and other mermaid costume tips along the way. I am new to this scene, so I welcome tips and suggestions from mermaids. And if you want to be featured, please do contact me!

Today’s mermaid is Raina the Halifax Mermaid. What a gorgeous costume! Raina loves marine life, and she uses Mermaid folklore to raise awareness about oceanic ecology issues. She also puts a creative spin on mermaids to help encourage children to read.

Raina appears in an educational capacity at schools, and she’s also available for birthday parties, corporate events and photo shoots. Click Here to view her booking details.

What an impressive gal! Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Raina. She has so many great photos and videos, I’ll be sure to feature more of her work in the future.

[ & Raina on Facebook]

Want to be a featured Mermaid? Please Contact me.

Big thanks to Mermaid Lorelei for contacting me!

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3 Responses to Mermaid Monday

  1. dontkick says:

    Hooray for mermaids!

  2. thanks very much for the feature. <3

  3. Manny says:

     You bet, thanks for dropping by!

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