Reader Submission: Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con

I received some great cosplay pics from Washington-based photographer Andrew Kolstad. He has shared some great costumes from his recent visit to Emerald City Comic Con.

Amazing costumes, and amazing photography. Who is that Hell Girl? I think she looks a lot like Jewel Staite.

Well done, Andrew — thanks for your submission. Follow the links below to view more of Andrew’s impressive photography.

Andrew Kolstad

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2 Responses to Reader Submission: Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con

  1. anon says:

    I’ve seen that Hellgirl and it’s BangBangNeko. She was really sweet and really into Hellboy, we got into a conversation about that and other nerd things. Glad to see more girls there are into be nerdy and not there just for show.  Here’s her website she’s also on facebook under bangbangneko cosplay

  2. Manny says:

     Awesome! Thanks for the info, I will definitely check out her costumes.

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