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Mermaid Monday

Mermaid Lindon

Welcome to Mermaid Monday!

Mermaid Lindon is a true Mermaid professional with an amazing costume. Based in Los Angeles, she runs her own company called Mermaids in Motion, providing mermaid services for entertainment, charity, commercial and educational events. She can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes! Wow, I didn’t even know that was possible. If you want a special birthday party, she can turn your pool into an aquarium!

She also produces a Mermaid web series called the Mermaid Minute. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the ocean. Very impressive!

She always felt most comfortable and happy in the water. Swimming led to a passion for snorkeling, SCUBA and freediving; taking Linden around the globe to explore the seas and pools of the world, and all creatures great and small. With a BA in Film and Science from Emerson College, Linden’s knowledge both behind and in front of the camera have proven to be invaluable in her aquatic pursuits. A professional underwater model, videographer and avid diver, she hopes to reach, inspire and educate others, namely children, about ocean conservation and water safety through her unusual line of work. Linden resides in Los Angeles.

Here’s a great video that shows how she made her tail. Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Lindon, aquatic life, and costuming.

Photo by Ric Frazier

Top Photo by Jonathan Harvey Photos.

[MermaidsinMotion, Facebook & YouTube Series]

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Avengers Eye Makeup is Super

Just in time for the release of The Avengers comes this impressive gallery of Avengers eye makeup. These were designed by Finnish makeup artist Jangsara.

There’s a style for every member, and you can compare them side by side below.

Here are all the Avenger looks that I made, I’ll make a separate post of each look with details of the products I used. Most of them are done inspired by the new movie, but with some I also wanted to bring something from the comics to them.

[Jangsara via Fashionably Geek]

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Impressive Homemade Outcast Costume from Fallout Game

If you’re a fan of the Fallout games, you’ll love this homemade Brotherhood of Steel Outcast suit, made by Redditor darkindestod. This is based on Fallout 3, I do believe.

It took him 4 months, and it’s made out of foam anti-fatigue mats you can find at the hardware store. Excellent work, Sir! You should be quite proud.

[via Reddit]

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Vintage Photos from the Set of 1960’s Batman TV Show

Here are some neat vintage photos from the set of the old ’60s Batman TV show. Great pics, indeed. These were spotted on Harald Haefker’s Flickr account.

Love this Joker pic!

[Harald Haefker via BoingBoing]

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The Fashion Shack Awaits You

When it comes to fashion, there’s only one place that does it right. *whisper* FASHION SHACK…

What an awesome local commercial. I feel VERY inspired right now, LOL.

[via Daily What]

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Costumes of the Rejected Avengers

Good old Conan O’Brien pays tribute to the Avengers with this funny sketch about the Rejected Avengers. Some great costumes here, very funny stuff. I sure like Ghost Rider’s new bike… how could he get rejected? Poor guy.

I can’t believe The Avengers is only a week away. I’m getting excited!

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A Collection of Mr. T Impersonators

I pity the fool who doesn’t like Mr. T impersonators! Here’s a collection of people in Mr. T costumes, doing their best to imitate everyone’s favorite mohawk sporting, gold chain wearing hero.

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Inviting the Wrong Batman to your Birthday Party

Kids love it when Batman shows up to the birthday party. Unless you invite the Dark Knight version of Batman. Oops! He’s rather dark, gritty and scary. LOL, this cracks me up.

Kudos to The Chuckle Squad for making this! Very funny.

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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