Egyptian Parody Dance from 1950

This video is a strange one, I admit — but once you start watching it’s rather hypnotic.

British performers Wilson, Keppel and Betty perform a strange Egyptian costume dance in 1950. This is rather unusual, perfect for a Monday morning!

Wilson, Keppel and Betty were a popular British music hall act in the middle decades of the 20th century who capitalised on the trend for Egyptian imagery following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Their stage act, called the “sand dance”, was a parody of Egyptian postures, combined with references to Arabic costume. The lithe and extremely lanky Wilson and Keppel, who wore long mustaches and make up to emphasize the sharp angularity of the features so as to appear almost identical, would demonstrate their impressive suppleness in adopting wild gestures and dancing in identical “stereo” movements…

[via ScreenStageAndSong]

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