Awesome Data Costume from Star Trek

Check out this great Data costume from the recent WonderCon. Excellent! Crossplayed by the gal who runs StrangeLikeThat, this Star Trek costume comes with an interesting story.

From what I gather, this was meant to be a regular Data costume, but one of her contact lenses ripped. So at the last minute, she became Data from First Contact, after he’s abducted by the Borg. What a brilliant fix to what could have been a costume disaster. Very well done!

A photo of my Data costume from day one of WonderCon. I had one of my contacts rip right before getting ready, so (at the suggestion of my husband) I did my makeup ala First Contact when Data is taken by the Borg. The uniform is wrong for that, but the insignia is right. Turned out to be a great compromise.

(Via – StrangeLikeThat)

Thanks to Bethany for the tip!

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