Cat Mask Mimics Your Facial Movements

Check out this robotic Cat Mask, engineered by researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Through a non-contact interface, the mask can mimic certain facial movements such as opening your mouth and blinking your eyes. Very cool!

“Currently, only the eyes and mouth move. But we’d like to improve the system, we want to make it so that the ears and eyebrows can move as well, so that parts can be added easily, and so that the wearer doesn’t sweat inside the mask. That might enable us to make a more practical version.”

Beyond costuming, this technology has many practical uses, such as aiding motorcycle riders and people with disabilities. Very cool!

[Diginfo via Gizmodo]

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One Response to Cat Mask Mimics Your Facial Movements

  1. Ben says:

    This looks awesome. If this technology can be improved upon and become more widespread, mascot-like characters will become more lifelike than ever!

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