Pet Goose Wears Sandals

This goose is made for walking, so he was given a very fine pair of sandals!

Meet Gator (short for Gator Bait), the pet goose of Bob and Lauree Strouse. They rescued the goose from a potential alligator attack, and made him their family pet. They take him on walks and everything. Since the ground is so hot in St Augustine, Florida, they designed special footwear for Gator to wear.

How funny. The sandals actually look very well made. What a lucky duck goose!

[via Metro]

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5 Responses to Pet Goose Wears Sandals

  1. Itsameamario90 says:

    I’m getting a pet goose soon. Where can I find a pair of these?

  2. Morten Beyer says:

    They look really nice. Please send a pic whitout the goose!

  3. manny says:

    Sorry Morten, Gator(the goose) past away last year. He was buried with his sandals. It was a sad day.. 🙁

  4. Morten Beyer says:

    OMG. Sorry to hear. I’m writing this having GOOSEbumps.
    Jesus loves ya. Take care

  5. manny says:

    Thanks Morten. He was my pet and my lover.

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