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Million Mustache March

Do mustaches help the economy? The American Mustache Institute sure thinks so. According to their research, Americans with mustaches earn 4.3 percent more money than “clean-shaven Americans” per yer. That’s extra cash for your stache!

The AMI has announced a “Million Mustache March,” where facial hair activities will march to Washington to propose the STACHE Act. This Act would propose “a $250 annual tax deduction for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies.”

LOL, it’s for the economy, right? My, what a great idea. I will stop shaving IMMEDIATELY.

Check out the American Mustache Institute to learn more. They also have a little tool that lets you upload a photo and “Stache Yourself” as a sign of support. How fun!

[AMI via Yahoo News]

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Lego Costumes for Carnival

This costume group enjoyed Carnivale in Portugal over the weekend, dressed as Lego People! What a fantastic group effort. The costumes are all made out of cardbard lined with sticker paper.

Everyone looks great, I’m sure it was quite the party. Click Here to view the entire gallery!

[via Imgur/Reddit]

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Snowboarding in Glowing LED Suit

Fashion photographer Jacob Sutton teamed up with snowboarder William Hughes to shoot this incredible footage of Hughes on the slopes in a glowing LED suit. So surreal! The only light source is the subject himself, what a cool idea.

“I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” says Sutton of his costume choice. “I’ve always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.”

Suit designer John Spatcher adds the following on Facebook:

The initial design was for a suit with passive reflectors, using a tracking mobile light source. Several concepts were explored but trials indicated that contrast ratios between the subject and background would be unacceptable. Also, in practice, the changing distance between the light source and subject would vary the apparent luminosity of the subject.

It was decided to actively illuminate the suit using led strips powered by batteries. First trials with the leds applied to the suit with 40mm pitch showed a castellated effect at the profile edges so the pitch was reduced to 25mm to partially eliminate this effect. Further trials indicated that this would be acceptable and the final design embodied this method.

[via Nowness]

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Girl Scout Cookie Costume

This little girl has the right idea when it comes to selling baked goods. Dress up as a Girl Scout Cookie! What a cute and tasty looking costume.

I believe she’s dressed as a Caramel deLite, also known as a Samoa cookie. One of my all time favorites, great job!

[via Reddit]

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Pet Goose Wears Sandals

This goose is made for walking, so he was given a very fine pair of sandals!

Meet Gator (short for Gator Bait), the pet goose of Bob and Lauree Strouse. They rescued the goose from a potential alligator attack, and made him their family pet. They take him on walks and everything. Since the ground is so hot in St Augustine, Florida, they designed special footwear for Gator to wear.

How funny. The sandals actually look very well made. What a lucky duck goose!

[via Metro]


There was a Batman Zebra Costume?

Did you know that Batman once wore a Zebra costume? The G-Man from Comic Vine has uncovered an old 1960 comic in which Batman looks very black and white, and stripey. Very interesting!

It turns out, the zebra stripes are “lines of force,” originally invented by the villain Zebra Man. While trying to apprehend him, Batman gets zapped and temporarily becomes Zebra Batman! Well, well, you learn something new every day.

As G-Man points out, they never made a Zebra Batman action figure, unfortunately. Come on, DC, the fans are waiting. This costume would be a must-have for collectors.

[via Comic Vine]

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Nicolas Cage is Actually a Costume

Who is Nicolas Cage? The Onion helpfully reveals that Mr. Cage is actually a man inside an elaborate costume.

LOL, okay, this actually explains everything. Thanks, Onion!

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Brazil Prepares for Carnival with Dog Costume Party

In preparation for Carnivale, the folks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have already taken to the streets. Here are some really cute photos of their recent Dog Parade, where four-legged cosplayers strutted their stuff in a variety of costumes. So adorable.

Visit the Daily Mail to view the full gallery!

[via Daily Mail]

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