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Hair Rental Advertisement

Hair rental? What a great idea! Why buy a toupe when you can rent one for a few pence a day? Think about the advantages!

You KNOW it makes sense.

[via Boing Boing]

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Friends Have Fun with Costumes (without Nico)

Who is Nico? Obviously someone loved by her friends. When Nico had to leave for 6 weeks, she told her friends, “Don’t have too much fun without me!” Famous last words, I’d say.

Her friends went CRAZY and took many photos of themselves wearing costumes, and having fun. In many of the pictures, you can see the words, “Where is Nico?” LOL, this is too funny! Just look at all the crazy things they did while Nico was gone. What a great group of friends, Nico is a very lucky lady.

My friend Nico went away for 6 weeks, and the last thing she said was, “don’t have too much fun without me.”

[Imgur / Reddit]

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Dancing in an Awesome Zebra Costume

Dancing in a zebra costume? Dancing in a zebra costume!

This excellent video was made by Rhett & Link, known for their great web videos, funny songs and awesome commercials for local businesses.

I admit, I’m not sure why they made this video. Are they selling something? The song in this video? Is it another ad for Chuck Testa? Nope! Maybe they just did this for laughs, who knows. Great stuff, though!

[via Rhett & Link]

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Sexy Ghost Costumes

Wow, take a look at these incredibly sexy ghost costumes!

Complete with the classic ‘mirror shot’ — lol, they’re doing it right. A funny idea, and it’s a pretty easy costume to put together. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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Charmie Sweets Discusses Cosplay

Cosplayer Charmie Sweets talks about the world of cosplay in these mini-documentary shot at Sac Anime Winter 2012.

It’s a great look into the cosplay community, balancing “real life,” and showing appreciation towards the characters as they dress up in amazing costumes. Very well done!

Directed, Produced, & Edited by

Associate Producer
Roberto Alonso

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Goat Creative Costume Contest

Check out these children and their goats in costume! This video is from last weekend’s Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.

I see Dr. Seuss, Jedi, Zebras and much more. Is that a goat dressed as a cow? LOL, very cute!

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Cheering in Wonder Woman Costumes

What a lovely group of cheerleaders, all dressed in Wonder Woman costumes! This is Varvara and her cheerleading from Russia and have great taste in uniforms.

Wonder Woman would definitely approve!

[CheerleadingInspiration via Fashionably Geek]

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Sunflower Shorts by Courtney Coombs

Check out these cute Sunflower Shorts! Made and modeled by the ever-fashionable Courtney Coombs. What a creative idea, they look quite lovely.

Courtney made these sunflower shorts out of a box of scraps. I got a kick out of the Iron Man clip she references in her description. Heh, that’s perfect. Great job, Courtney!

I was going through my box of scraps (why does this always enter my head?) and found about half a metre of this fabric. I’m liking yellow lately and as soon as I saw this fabric this idea came to mind. Took me about six hours.

[via Courtney Coombs]

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