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New Spider-Man Stills Released

Columbia Pictures has released new stills from the upcoming Spider-Man movie. We get another very nice look at the webslinger. I admit, I still can’t get over his textured suit, it reminds me too much of a basketball.

We also get a nice closeup of his wrist gadgets that shoot silky spiderwebs. Very interesting!

Visit the DailyMail for more photos of Peter Parker and Emma Stone!

[via DailyMail]

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Animals Pose for Christmas Photos

You can never post too many animal videos, especially right after Christmas.

Check out the adorable pugs above, suited up in excellent Christmas attire. I think they stay pretty still, for the most part. Better than my dog would do, that’s for sure. Awesome costumes!

And not to be outdone by dogs, these cats line up to model their very fine Christmas hats. LOL, they don’t seem very excited about Christmas. Still, very cute.

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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Dog Suffers Through Many Christmas Costumes

LOL, check out this cute dog, patiently suffering through many Christmas costume changes. Christmas tree lights, really? Heh, poor thing.

I’m glad his owners had fun, though. And at least he gets rewarded with a biscuit-filled Christmas stocking. 🙂

[Arbroath via VideoGum]

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Man in Santa Costume Rescues People from Burning Car

Here’s a great Christmas tale… Former Texas firefighter Brad Luddeke was wearing a Santa costume on Christmas day, on his way to deliver gifts to needy children, when he came upon a car accident.

The Christmas hero pulled people out of the burning cars, and then stuck around to direct traffic. Watch the news report above to get the whole story. Go Santa!

[via Huffington Post]

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Merry Christmas


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Pitbull in an Awesome Lion Costume

Roar! What an adorable lion. Cody the Pitbull manages to look cute and ferocious at the same time. A most excellent costume!

Thanks to Android Andy for the tip!

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Earning PhD by Dancing in Fruit Fly Costumes

And the winner of the most unusual PhD thesis ever goes to Cedric Kai Wei Tan!

This is really interesting… he made a video of the fruit fly dance mating ritual. With the help of some colleagues and improvised fruit fly costumes, this man is now a Doctor!

LOL, I bet they had a lot of fun making this video. It’s very well done, and rather funny. Great work!

My PhD project at University of Oxford focuses on the mechanisms through which relatedness affects sexual interactions of the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster and the red jungle fowl, Gallus gallus.

Our dance depicts the social and sexual behavior of the common fruit fly. Fruit flies are attracted by the smell of rotting fruit where they collect, feed and interact. Males compete against one another for female mates. In addition, males perform a sequence of courtship behaviors. First, they tap and chase the females. Thereafter, they encircle the females while playing a song by vibrating their wings.

[via Cedric Kai Wei Tan]

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The Power of Make-up


Here’s a woman with make-up on only half of her face. Interesting! Quite the dramatic difference. No one can deny the mighty Power of Make-up! Yes, make-up can be fun. You can do all kinds things, and learn all kinds of tricks.

Just don’t forget the most important lesson of all!

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