Wedding Dress Made out of Soccer Uniforms

Take a look at this lovely wedding dress, made entirely out of old soccer uniforms! Karen Bell and her fiance, Simon, are huge Manchester City fans. She took Simon’s old fan jerseys, dating all the way back to the 1980’s and sewed this work of beauty. It took her three weeks, sewing six nights a week.

After their wedding ceremony, the newlyweds went straight to watch a soccer game, where Karen was a huge hit in her sporty dress.

The pair wed in Chester before heading to Manchester for the match against Stoke, which City won 3-0.

Karen said: “Everyone was stopping us to take pictures on the way in. We thought about going corporate but we have had season cards for years and we know everyone around us so we just went in our normal seats.

“It was brilliant – everyone kept buying us drinks.”

Wonderful job! And congratulations to the happy couple!


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