Courtney Coombs’ Doctor Who Dress Made from Bed Sheet

Here’s a cute Doctor Who dress made by Australia’s very own Courtney Coombs. She made this out of a bed sheet, what a clever gal! It’s a beautiful dress, and don’t you just love her red Converse sneakers?

I haven’t posted Courtney’s work in a while, so it’s nice to feature her again on My Disguises. She’s been a long time reader and commenter here on the site, and I sure appreciate her contributions and costume skills.

I made this dress out of a Doctor Who bed sheet that I saw on the internets and fell in love with. The black parts are denim from a pair of pants that I payed $9 for because the zipper was broken, they were too small for me anyway. Partially inspired by Amanda Palmer’s Power Ranger dress which was also made from a bed sheet. It’s actually nice material to work with as it’s stiff and durable, if you can find something like this with a small enough print I recommend giving it a go.

The wedge sneakers also came from the internets, I love Converse shoes and I thought they were a clever take on an old design. The photos were taken by my friend Ben Gates and the poster was painted by Peter Carr.

I also want to mention that Courtney is currently taking commissions through January! If you want custom costumes, clothing or swimwear from Courtney, now’s the time to contact her. She also makes hats, jewelry, masks, artwork sketches, drawings, tattoo designs and plushie toys — including customized My Little Ponies. Wow, what a talented lady!

For contact info, and to check out more of her work, do visit Courtney on DeviantArt!

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    super hot! nice

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