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My Little Pony Cosplay

Here’s some cute My Little Pony cosplay by Yaya Han and friends. Aren’t they adorable? Yaya Han sells My Little Pony accessories, so it made sense to do a cosplay shoot.

Learn more about this cosplay shoot on Yaya’s Deviant Art page Very well done, Ladies!

My Rarity dress was designed by me – inspired by the character and the show of course! I always thought of Rarity as the fashionista of the group, elegant with a sweet flair. I made a fully lined and boned halter dress and used a purple stretch velvet to make the trim and inserts. I handmade 3 tiers of ruffles from a sparkle organza by serging strips together, then hand pleating the ribbons into ruffles. My cutie mark (3 diamond shapes) were rhinestone plate earrings taken apart and attached to the front of the dress. Rarity would definitely approve of blinged out diamond shapes :). I found a sheer French silk with a diamond pattern on it (Hello, cutie mark shape!) and made a pattern for a bolero, then sewed it together as a little cover over the dress.

[via Yaya Han on DeviantArt. Photos by LJinto.]

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Happy Thanksgiving from a Zombie Pilgrim

Whether you eat turkey or braaaaains, I hope everyone enjoys feasting with their families and taking time off from work and school. Enjoy the long weekend!


[Photo via Meredith Green]

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Thimble the Micro Pig Loves Costumes

Look at the cute little pig in costumes! This is Thimble, the Micro Pig. She’s an adorable little lady, and plays music, too! Her owner, Panzertoo, has a ton of videos on her YouTube channel. Have a look if you want to pig out!

[via Panzertoo]

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Scottish Stormtrooper Costume

A Scottish stormtrooper, so cool! I’m not sure where this photo was taken, but he looks at home in the old country. As you can see, he has no bagpipes — but I imagine they would be hard to play while wearing a helmet. 🙂

[AtBreak via Fashionably Geek]

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Fashion with Cheetos and Bacon

Here’s a look at some interesting and bizarre non-Photoshopped art by Sandy Skoglund. It’s important to note that these elaborate scenes were set up and photographed — and NOT created in Photoshop. Quite amazing!

Above we have people dressed in Cheetos, in a Cheetos-filled room. Below we have a similar concept with people dressed in bacon. Very strange and cool!

[MyModernMet via Neatorama]

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Gorilla Costumes at the Zoo

Australian comedy duo Hamish & Andy tricked zoo visitors by dressing up in gorilla costumes! This is way too funny. The Werribee Open Range Zoo had a new gorilla enclosure, and they agreed to let the comedians use it for a prank before it opened with real gorillas.

So these two guys put on super deluxe costumes and fooled a crowd of onlookers. There are even news reports about upset families who felt cheated by the stunt. Hilarious!

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Cosplay Tips from Yaya Han

Howcast interviewed Yaya Han at the recent NY Comic Con. This is a great interview! Yaya talks about her cosplay, the cosplay community, and she offers tips to new cosplayers who are just starting out.

Very informative! Learn more about Yaya Han’s cosplay at

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Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Costumes

Check out these amazing Stormtrooper costumes made out of carbon fiber! Total works of beauty, what a great idea. These costumes came about when a group of employees for San Diego Composites decided to use their technology to show their love of Star Wars.

No word on the final costs, but there’s no doubt these were quite pricey. But who knows? Maybe San Diego Composites will work out a deal with Lucasfilm to sell them.

There was a lot to consider for this project, especially cost. We all know how pricey our precious carbon fiber material can be. Other than that, the four troopers needed to think about the most logical tooling, finishing and best processes to use. They used all Grade A materials from a local supplier, and their employer, San Diego Composites, donated some resources to the project as well.

[Carbonfibergear via Fashionably Geek]

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