Ironhide Costume Made from Household Items

This Ironhide Transformers costume is seriously amazing! I received another email from Peter Kokis, the Brooklyn costumer who’s famous for making Transformers and Terminator costumes out of everyday household items. I’ve blogged about his work many times in the past. Follow the above link to view more of his impressive homemade costumes!

Behold his masterpiece… Brooklyn Ironhide! It took him 600 hours to make this costume, and it weighs a whopping 164 lbs. Boy, you get a good workout simply putting this on!

Thanks very much for the heads up, Peter. It’s always good to hear from you. Amazing work!

Brooklyn Ironhide took 600 hours to build and weighs 164lbs., and is the limit of my design & production process, as well as what my body can handle for active, mobile performances lasting a few hours. Like my other exoskeletons, he’s made from ordinary household, hardware, and sporting goods items, stuff we all have in our homes, nothing special. With this guy, I did use some stuff from a local pet store as well. He’s my masterpiece.

[via Brooklyn Ironhide]

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