Awesome DIY Venom Costume

I’m pleased to post the latest costume by Courtney Coombs — a gorgeous Venom costume!

Courtney’s been a long time commenter here at MyDisguises, and I’ve posted her costumes many times in the past. It’s always a pleasure, she does excellent work!

Her Venom costume has been a work in progress for some time now, and she wore it for Halloween this year. She has a very cool venom mask, as well, but for this party she opted for Venom makeup. She looks so awesome!

Learn more about Courtney’s costume on DeviantArt.

[via Courtney Coombs]

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5 Responses to Awesome DIY Venom Costume

  1. Bry says:

    that right there is one totall hot sexy woman!

  2. Malreynolds says:

    Dream on Bry, you have no chance at all! A girl like that can get any guy she wants so why even try dude. Your probably fat anyway.

  3. BetsyB says:

    Boys, do calm down. Yes, she’s a woman, have you ever seen one before?

  4. mistressssX says:

    how did you make the teeth for the mask?

  5. Roflmao, I’ve never even had a boyfriend, but I’ll take the compliments!
    The teeth were invidivually made from sculpy, unfortunatley they ended up being too heavy, so the final version has vinyl teeth.

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