Lantern Corps Babies in Every Color

Todd Kent of Todd Kent of ComicBookLiteracy wanted a Green Lantern theme for his baby daughter’s Halloween costume. But he didn’t just make a Green Lantern costume — he made 9 costumes, one for each of the Lantern Corps colors! This is the cutest thing ever. Looks like so much work was involved. Well done, Sir!

So the original plan was for my 3 month old daughter to go as Green Lantern for Halloween but she insisted on being every single color of Lantern possible. She also insisted that every costume incorporate a tutu. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are all nine of my daughter’s Halloween costumes (and a reference pic for each corresponding colored Lantern Corp).

Click Here to view them all!

[ComicBookLiteracy] via Comics Alliance]

Bonus video: Want to learn more about the colored power rings? This guy can help.

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