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Low Budget Unicorn Costume Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own quick and easy unicorn costume, now’s your chance! YouTube user NigelvsDavid shows you how with this riveting Unicorn Costume Tutorial.

Complete with a carrot & flashlight for the horn, a scarf for the mane, and neckties for the tail, it’s the perfect unicorn costume! LOL, I love how he delivers the entire tutorial without cracking a smile.

“Be free, be you, be from your heart… be a unicorn for life!”

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Instant Cape for Superhero Emergencies

For superhero emergencies, it’s very handy to have a spare cape. You just never know when you’ll need it.

Behold, the It’s a Cape by Perpetual Kid. For only $12.99, you can store a nice red cape in your car or backpack and never worry about being capeless again!

Since there is never a wrong time to wear a cape, it’s time to put on our super-red It’s A Cape! You’re totally popular enough to be different, so no worries, you don’t need a mask. Keep it in the glove compartment of the car or in the drawer of your desk for any superhero or masked marauder scenarios! It’s not necessary to make flying sounds when in use or worn, but highly encouraged.

[Perpetual Kid via Fashionably Geek]

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Chihuahua is Ashamed of Turkey Costume

LOL, this poor little dog! He doesn’t seem to like the turkey costume very much, does he? Hanging his head in shame, heh, too funny. Don’t worry, Mika, it’s a very nice hat!

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Incredible Diablo III Costume

Cosplayer Joshua has been working on this amazing Diablo III costume. He’s given us a look at the upper body, which he made in only 8 days. Very impressive! He definitely has a winner on his hands.

Check out to view more photos, and also be sure to visit his Youtube Channel for in-progess updates. Great work, Joshua!

The entire upper half of the costume’s body was constructed, assembled, and painted in the time frame of 8 days, each day working approximately 4 hours. About $145 has went into the materials, all of them being purchased from Walmart except for the black gloves (marching gloves) that were bought from a local music store.

Glue Sticks (2 Small Stick Packs, 3 Large Sticks Packs)
Aluminum Foil (37 ft Heavy Duty)
Poster Board (10 Sheets)
Craft Foam (4 Foam 12 Packs)
LED Lights (2 Batt. Operated Packs)
C Batteries (6 Pack and 4 Pack)
Paint (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow)
Clear Coat Spray (2 Cans)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Gloves (1 Pair)

[via Geekologie]

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World Record Zombie Walk in Mexico City

An estimated 10,000 zombies recently took to the streets of Mexico City, in an effort to claim the Guinness world record for largest zombie walk. Looks like they can claim the title, as the current record holder is New Jersey’s Asbury Park, which had “only” 4,000 zombies.

Amazing makeup and costumes! And big thanks to Jeff for the tip.

[via Metro]

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Daria Morgendorffer Cosplay

Remember the animated TV show Daria that aired in the 90’s? Here’s some clever cosplay by Sodespair and her friends as they pay tribute to the show. Very accurate cosplay! How fun. I wonder if this show could be brought back with human actors? It might just work.

Visit Sodespair on Deviant Art to view more Daria cosplay!

[Sodespair via TDW Geeks]

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Ironhide Costume Made from Household Items

This Ironhide Transformers costume is seriously amazing! I received another email from Peter Kokis, the Brooklyn costumer who’s famous for making Transformers and Terminator costumes out of everyday household items. I’ve blogged about his work many times in the past. Follow the above link to view more of his impressive homemade costumes!

Behold his masterpiece… Brooklyn Ironhide! It took him 600 hours to make this costume, and it weighs a whopping 164 lbs. Boy, you get a good workout simply putting this on!

Thanks very much for the heads up, Peter. It’s always good to hear from you. Amazing work!

Brooklyn Ironhide took 600 hours to build and weighs 164lbs., and is the limit of my design & production process, as well as what my body can handle for active, mobile performances lasting a few hours. Like my other exoskeletons, he’s made from ordinary household, hardware, and sporting goods items, stuff we all have in our homes, nothing special. With this guy, I did use some stuff from a local pet store as well. He’s my masterpiece.

[via Brooklyn Ironhide]

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Fleece Dragonborn Helmet from Skyrim

Skyrim gamers will be happy to know they can keep their heads warm this winter with a nifty fleece Dragonborn Helmet! Based on the Dragonborn in the game, these hats are hand sewn and made to order for the low price of $39.99.

What a great idea, and fun gift idea. Big thanks to Kojak for the tip!

The helmet is made of 100% polyester Polar Fleece and the horns are stuffed with regular toy craft polyfill. If you must wash it, I recommend gentle soap by hand in the sink and hang to dry.

[via Dragonborn Helmet]

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