Haunted Air: Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

I love seeing old vintage Halloween photos. They are always so extra creepy!

These photos are from a new book called Haunted Air, by Ossian Brown. He shares his collection of vintage photos all dating between 1875 and 1955. You can buy the hardcover book on Amazon, it looks very interesting. David Lynch even wrote the introduction.

Visit Boing Boing to view more photos, or head over to Amazon to buy the book. Fascinating stuff!

[Haunted Air via Boing Boing]

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2 Responses to Haunted Air: Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

  1. Wow, old school Halloween costumes were actually scary instead of slutty!
    BTW, uploaded my Halloween photos on my DA.

  2. manny says:

    Hi Courtney, thanks for the heads up on your Venom costume. Gorgeous work as always!

    And seriously, what is it with old costumes? Scariest things ever.

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