Bra Costume for Couples (Redux)

Let’s revisit the awesome Bra Costume for Couples! I originally posted about it last March, and it has proven very popular this Halloween! Lots of people are asking how to make it.

Thanks to Sandi Denhof, here’s a little more helpful information. She saw the MyDisguises post and decided to make her own. It turned out great! Sandi and her husband won first place at a recent Halloween party. Congratulations! I love to see MyDisguises inspire a cool costume, that’s what it’s all about.

Here is what Sandi has to say about making the Bra costume. Head on over to her website for the full DD scoop!

I went to the local party supply store and they had 36 inch balloons. That was bigger than I needed but I just blew them up to the desired size. I did not sew the shirts together because that would have driven my husband and I nuts all night…we just stood next to each other! I just took cream fabric and sewed it to the front of our t-shirts and put the balloon underneath and left enough fabric on the sides to just pull it snug and tie it around the back. The bra was even easier. That was just draped and tied tightly around the back and I cut the strap and twisted it and pinned it in back. Pretty easy to make once I figured out how I was going to do it!

[via Sandi’s World]

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