Amazing Chomping Pac-Man Costume

Crafty maker Matthew Varas spent 6 weeks making this awesome Chomping Pac-Man costume! It even has built-in speakers that play Pac-Man sounds. How impressive is this? Seriously amazing!

Matthew posted a full 22-step tutorial on that shows how he made this costume.

Watch the video to see the chomping Pac-Man in action, then head over to his tutorial to view loads of photos and information. Incredible job, Sir!

A few years back I built a giant Pacman costume at the last minute, but it wasn’t good enough for a tinkerer, so I figured that there had to be a way to make it better. What better than to add a functioning mouth to the costume! Thus started the six week saga of making a giant working Pacman costume and matching ghost. These are not projects for the faint-hearted as they take a lot of hard work, and are very large (5 feet tall, 2 feet wide).

[via MakeProjects]

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