Amazing Custom Arkham City Catwoman Costume

Photo by Bryan Humphrey

Great news! Catherine Jones is back! This time with an awesome custom Arkham City Catwoman costume which she recently made for her client. Wow, it’s absolutely gorgeous, great work!

Catherine is the owner of Gods Save the Queen Fashions, and she’s well known for her cosplay, and making extraordinary custom costumes and wigs. Any costume you can imagine, Catherine can make it. I love hearing from her… please do check out our previous GSTQ articles to view more of her fabulous work!

Thanks for the email, Catherine — hope to hear from you again soon!

For more info, visit: GSTQ Fashions Official Website & GSTQ Fashions on Facebook.

I recently made an Arkham City Catwoman costume for a customer of mine. This was a very interesting project not just because the suit itself is quite complex, but also because the game isn’t even out yet! All of my references were screenshots from the Arkham City trailer. There aren’t any particularly clear images of Catwoman, so figuring out where all the lines needed to go was like putting together a puzzle.

The suit and cowl are made out of a variety of fabrics. You’ll find matte finish stretch vinyl in graphite, black leather, custom printed cotton interlock knit, and some plain black spandex on the inside (as a backing for the thin cotton). The suit is comprised of almost 150 separately cut pieces of fabric to create all of the intricate seam lines.

The custom print graphic was designed by my customer’s very enthusiastic husband (this costume was all his idea for her!) and printed by All the silver accessories on the costume (cat charm, knuckle spikes, upper arm decorations) were sculpted and cast by him as well. The ears were an easy find, as Yaya Han sells a set that look just like the ones Catwoman wears.

Photo by Bryan Humphrey

[via GSTQ Fashions & GSTQ on Facebook]

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  1. Julianne says:

    Want so bad! I am going to have to create a pattern and test out my skillz. 🙂 Thanks for showing me that it can be done with alot of hard work and determination !

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