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Cosplay Stunt Fighting

Video guru Yung Lee is back with another video of awesome cosplay fighting. You may recall his previous video I posted back in June.

This time, the battle takes place at FanExpo 2011 in Toronto. Amazing special effects! And of course, great costumes. 🙂

I went to FanExpo 2011 in Toronto to do another cosplay video… I heard there were supposed to be more cosplayers than Anime North… but unfortunately the day I went there wasn’t many… I wanted to have DEADPOOL in this vid SO BADLY!

Anyway, same drill as before, everything is made up on the spot, no rehearsals!

Big thanks to Dink for the tip!

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Man in Superhero Costume vs Dog Owner

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. When an irresponsible dog owner fails to clean up after his pet in the park, a superhero steps in to save the day! Wait… what?

LOL, it turns out this superhero is SuperVáclav. After translating his homepage into English, it says:

I SuperVáclav and I decided to take action against the indifference and hypocrisy in society. I’m tired is just watch what is happening around us.

And the world is a better place! We hope.

[via Reddit]

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Geeks Growing Up with Costumes

Here’s a fun look at some old, geeky Halloween costumes from Harry’s new column Raising Geeks, over at Ain’t It Cool News. A few AICN readers have sent in costumes photos of when they were kids. Ah, good times.

I especially like this photo of the kid with a broken arm. He woke up from surgery with a Captain America cast! Now that’s a good dad, what a smart idea.

And the Mr. T costume below is killing me, so funny. Visit AICN to view the full column. Great stuff, thanks Harry!

[via AICN]

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