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Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

Check out this cool inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume, made by Brian D. Brian was kind of enough to submit this is MD — thanks very much, Sir!

This is a great idea… he used an inflatable yard decoration, and customized into a wearable costume. Brilliant! Be sure to watch the video at around the 50 second mark, when it shows the Stay Puft man running, ha that looks pretty tricky.

Brian posted a full tutorial on his blog that shows how he made it. Very interesting and well done!

I cut the hanger down to the length of the battery and used some duct tape to fasten it. I bent the metal part of the hanger to be more narrow and hung it from my belt. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning but as I re-positioned it and bent it different ways it was not as bothersome anymore.

[via SubBass100]

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Viking Barbarian Girl Costume

Here’s a nice costume pic submitted to me by Brian and Paige. Looks like a cute viking/barbarian costume, very nice!

Paige made the costume by hand, and Brian took the photo. They’ve entered the Girlfriend Getaway contest sponsored by Timberland, in the hopes of winning a free trip to Sundance in Park City, UT.

You can vote for her costume by Click Here. Good luck, Guys!

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Babies in Halloween Costumes

Here’s a fun look at cute babies in Hallowen costumes, courtesy of Yahoo.

It’s hard not to smile when you see all the adorable costumes. Many are quite clever, like the S’Mores costume, and the UPS truck looks like it would be fun to drive. What a fun time of year! Happy Halloween!

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Pink Darth Vader Princess Costume

Pink Vader, so cute! JonXP made this costume for his 5-year old daughter. He used a princess costume and some pink paint for the helmet, it’s the the cutest pink Darth Vader costume in the galaxy!

[via Reddit]

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Fantasy Football Costume

Ha, it’s a Fantasy Football costume. Looks like a Harry Potter robe, and a Gandalf beard. Works for me… very clever!

[via Reddit]


Fail Whale Halloween Costume

LOL, it’s a Fail Whale costume! What a great idea. Twitter users see this whale all the time, as it’s the image that shows when Twitter gets too much traffic.

This was one of the many meme-inspired costumes from last night’s HallowMeme in NYC.

If it’s an Internet Meme, someone was dressed up as it. Visit Buzzfeed to view more hilarious meme costumes.

Happy Halloween!

[via Buzzfeed]

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Haunted Air: Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos

I love seeing old vintage Halloween photos. They are always so extra creepy!

These photos are from a new book called Haunted Air, by Ossian Brown. He shares his collection of vintage photos all dating between 1875 and 1955. You can buy the hardcover book on Amazon, it looks very interesting. David Lynch even wrote the introduction.

Visit Boing Boing to view more photos, or head over to Amazon to buy the book. Fascinating stuff!

[Haunted Air via Boing Boing]


Zombie Poodle!

Woah, it’s a zombie Poodle! LOL, I wasn’t planning on posting more Poodle fashion this season, but this is just too cool.

The only thing missing? Maybe some fake blood around its mouth. What a funny idea.

[Daily Dawdle via Neatorama]

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