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Iron Throne Costume from Game of Thrones

It’s a low budget Iron Throne costume! Very clever idea, love it!

In the Game of Thrones books and HBO TV Show, everyone is fighting to sit on the Iron Throne, so they can rule the Seven Kingdoms. The throne was built by Aegon I, and it is very sharp – made from all the swords of his surrendered enemies.

An excellent costume idea! I hope you didn’t get sat on too much at your party. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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LOTR Caged Hobbit with Ringwraith Costume

I see a few geek sites are posting this cool Caged Hobbit with Ringwraith costume. Very impressive. It’s a creative take on the classic Gorilla with Man in Cage costume.

Turns out, this Hobbit costume was made almost 10 years ago by Boneboy, who deserves a round of applause for being awesome. Very realistic, great job!

[Boneboy via Fashionably Geek]

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Body Paint Clone Trooper Costume

Ah, a lovely body painted stormtrooper clone trooper, very nice. What a brave gal.

When you don’t have access to authentic armor, paint is always a good backup option. Well done!

[IHeartChaos via TDW Geeks]

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Live Action Pokeman with Costumes

Japanese performers Kusarine Project have created a 13 minute video, recreating various Pokemon games with costumes. Very, very strange! It’s definitely worth watching for a minute or two, and whoever sits through the entire clip deserves some kind of prize.

Kotaku helpfully points to another clip by this group, where they reenact a popular Sponge Bob commercial with a bunch of screaming kids.

Oh, Japan.

[via Kotaku]

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Cosplay: Real Life Fairytales

Russian cosplayer Ryoko-demon has an amazing gallery of costume photos. With a mixture of perfect costumes, awesome photography and image editing, she brings super realistic fairy tales and fantasy to life.

I’ve posted her Cheshire Cat cosplay above, as well as Little Mermaid, Plush Panda, and Crash Bandicoot. Visit her DeviantArt page to few dozens and dozens of amazing costumes.

In the video below, you can watch her perform at Asia-Breeze 2011 in Russia, Yekaterinburg. So impressive!

[Ryoko-demon via Awesomenator]

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Babies in Handmade Hats

Here’s a quick and super cute idea for your baby this Halloween: A handmade hat from SweatPeaToadTots! Just look at these cute little babies.

The hats are not cheaply produced. High quality, hand-made, and run anywhere from $30-$80. I imagine SweatPea is doing quite well this time of year. Very cute!

[via SweatPeaToadTots]

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New Look at Ann Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume

The Web is buzzing today over these “leaked” photos of Ann Hathaway in her Catwoman Costume! I think she looks quite good!

To be critical… I’d prefer a cowl over those headband-type ears. Also, I don’t see how high heels are at all practical. She looks great, but she’d be better off with boots or shoes that let her run around. You know, like a cat.

I know next summer is a long way’s away, but I’m getting excited for more Batman!

Visit TheMarySue for two additional photos.

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Student in Banana Costume Suspended

What is the world coming to? During halftime at his school’s football game, 14-year-old Brian Thompson ran down the sidelines in a banana costume. The crowd cheered and laughed, but cops handcuffed him, and his school suspended him!

The reason? They claim he was creating mayhem. Oh, how sad. Banana costumes at football games should be EXPECTED, I say.

You can watch the news video above. You can read more about this “zero-tolerance policy against bananas” on

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