Muppet Trooper Costumes

Muppet Troopers! How cool! Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters of the 501st Legion paid homage to Jim Hensen on his would-be 75th birthday.

There’s a really nice interview with these gentleman over at the Official Star Wars Blog.

Our costumes are a joint effort. Everything that we did involved a phone call, an email, or a visit to make sure we were keeping things consistent. It was important to stay together on this if we were to pull this off without looking different. Most of it was pretty easy. We purchased the masks and made several modifications. We added fans inside to keep cool in case we needed to wear them for an extended time.

It reminds me of the Muppet/Star Wars action figures that Disney used to sell in their theme parks. I wonder if they still do? Yes, Muppets and Star Wars definitely go together. Great job, Gentlemen!

[via Star Wars Blog]

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