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Ren Faire Batman Costume

A ren faire Batman costume? Nice! Reddit user SofaCommander wore this low budget, but inspired, costume to a recent Renaissance Faire in Ohio.

He looks a little down on his luck, but times were hard back then. A very clever idea… Well done, Sir!

[via Reddit]

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Furries Perform ‘The Yiff Boat’

TGIF! This video is really weird, I won’t lie. At the Texas Furry Fiesta 2011 in Dallas, a group of Furries parody the 1970’s classic Love Boat TV show. Looks like they’re all having a great time!

Welcome the the Yiff Boat… Climb aboard, we’re expecting you!

[via Topless Robot]

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Playing Twister in Super Villain Costumes

And now it’s time for a game of Twister between two super villains! LOL, what a funny idea!

This is a sneak peak of a photoshoot with the Clowny Princess. She’s dressed as Harley Quinn, and her friend Evelyn Ellenor is dressed as Poison Ivy. They both look fantastic!

Twister is a fierce sport. But no matter who loses, we win. 🙂 Great job, Ladies! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the shoot.

[Clowny Princess via Fashionably Geek]

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Scarlet Witch and Vision Costumes

Couple of the year? Elite model and cosplayer Kearstin Nicholson poses in her Scarlet Witch costume, along with Mike Prost as Vision. Very nice! This is from C2E2 2011 in Chicago.

I see Kearstin’s photos everywhere, as I hunt the web for costume pics. I’ve posted her famous Mystique costume in the past– she is so talented. Check out her website to browse many more awesome costumes!

[via iKearstin]

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Wearing Masks and Singing Non-Lyrics

I’m very glad there are funny hats and masks in this video, as it gives me an excuse to post it.

This is a great video of the history of lyrics that aren’t lyrics. La la la, yes that’s right!

Jane Lui, Michael T., and Jonathan Batiste sing famous songs with lyrics that aren’t actual words. Very enjoyable! Though I confess, the closer they get to the present day, the less I was able to recognize the songs.


[via Boing Boing]

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Muppet Trooper Costumes

Muppet Troopers! How cool! Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters of the 501st Legion paid homage to Jim Hensen on his would-be 75th birthday.

There’s a really nice interview with these gentleman over at the Official Star Wars Blog.

Our costumes are a joint effort. Everything that we did involved a phone call, an email, or a visit to make sure we were keeping things consistent. It was important to stay together on this if we were to pull this off without looking different. Most of it was pretty easy. We purchased the masks and made several modifications. We added fans inside to keep cool in case we needed to wear them for an extended time.

It reminds me of the Muppet/Star Wars action figures that Disney used to sell in their theme parks. I wonder if they still do? Yes, Muppets and Star Wars definitely go together. Great job, Gentlemen!

[via Star Wars Blog]

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Domino’s Pizza Warrior Costume

Behold the Domino’s Pizza Warrior! The battle for the Pepperoni Throne has begun!

Seriously, this is really cool. I bet you could use bread sticks boxes to make gauntlets. Sigh, okay, now I’m hungry.

[via ThatsNerdalicious]

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David Hasselhoff Acts Crazy in a Chicken Costume

David Hasselhoff puts on a chicken suit and act all crazy-eyed in this commercial for the new Burnout Crash game. Who needs a controller? It’s all about Kinect. Well, that’s what they want you to think, at least, and the Hoff is pretty convincing.

Hold your breath, because this is only Part 1. The Burnout team will be delivering more Hoff soon!

[via Topless Robot]

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