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Spider-Man Enjoys Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene has dominated the news this weekend. Hope everyone on the East Coast stayed safe!

One reporter had a surprise visit from Spider-Man, who braved the hurricane in order to get in some surfing. LOL

Thanks to both Delila and Joseph for sending me the tip!

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Superfriends vs Legion of Doom

Haha, look what I stumbled upon on YouTube. This is gold!

The Superfriends have a sexy dance off with the Legion of Doom at a recent bellydancing festival in Seattle! This is a perfect way to get ready for the weekend. No matter who loses, we win. šŸ™‚


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Doc Ock Costume from Spider-Man

Here’s a very nice Doctor Octopus costume, nicknamed “Doc Ock” by Spider-Man. You may remember him as the villain in Spider-Man 2. For better detail, click on the photo to view full size.

I wonder how they made this costume? It’s looks awesome, great photo! Something tells me that the inflatable Santa in the background is about to get popped.

[via Reddit]

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Steampunk Batman at Baltimore Comic-Con

This awesome steampunk Batman was spotted at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con.

I’ve seen a few steam Bats in my day, and this definitely ranks up there. I think its the handlebar mustache that really sells it. Great job!

[via TDW Geeks]

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Steve Jobs’ Fashion Through the Years

While the entire world is buzzing frantically about Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple’s CEO… I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to his trademark fashion through the years.

I admire a man who stays consistent. I’m the same way with my flannel shirts (I don’t CARE what you say, I LIKE them). šŸ™‚

Notice in 2001, he loses the collar on his turtleneck and wears BROWN shoes! Brown? Also, he goes a little crazy in 2009 and wears a BELT. Amazing!

Best of luck to you, Mr. Jobs. So long, and a big thanks for all the fish cool stuff!

[Photo via DrimerGallery]

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Muslim Punk Fashion

Muslim punk fashion? How interesting! I first saw this top photo on Reddit, and it caused me to dig around the Web for more info.

This woman’s name is Tesnim Sayar, currently an art student in Denmark. She’s designing “rebellious” clothes while still conforming to her religious beliefs. Neat!

I found a few articles that aren’t in English, so I may have interpreted some of this information incorrectly. If so, please feel free to correct me!


21 year old Tesnim Sayar was born and raised in Odense, with the Turkish Muslim descent. She defines herself as Muslim punk and grow rebellious punk clothing style and culture, but live according to his own religious beliefs.

“I am Muslim. I like my religion, I like my scarf. I can not see an obstacle in why I should not be able to combine being both punk and Muslim.”

I found more photos on… I have no idea what the text says, but it looks like her clothing was part of an art show.

Here’s a little more information from, where Tesnim says:

“I will go with it because I think it’s cool and suits me. I have not designed it to provoke. But my message is also that you should not continue to believe that Muslim girls are just sitting at home is boring.”

“A friend of mine says that one defines a punk as opposed to one or another form of oppression. I’m tired of people’s generalizations and stereotypes about Muslim girls. Therefore, I am punk.”

Very cool! I definitely approve.


Bonus artwork below! Tesnim Sayar’s Muslim punk fashion has inspired artist/illustrator Nadia Karroue to draw her portrait. Quite lovely, excellent work!

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Awesome R2-D2 Bike Helmet

A very Clever Girl named Jenn made has taken over Philadelphia and the Internet with her super cool R2-D2 bike helmet!

I’d be almost afraid to wear it, in case I wrecked and broke it.

Jenn has a full write up on her blog, showing how she made the helmet. Apparently, she also creates fancy cakes, and says her cake-making skills helped when designing R2-D2.

“…it actually is comparable in size to a lot of the cakes I work on at the bakery. While I was measuring the different components, I thought to myself, ā€œI feel like Iā€™m measuring pieces of fondant for a cake right now.ā€

[Phillyrawrblog via Fashionably Geek]

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Company President Wears Green Lantern Costume

It looks like the president of Mathis Electronics may be having a midlife crisis. Here he is in a Green Lantern costume, charismatically pitching his company’s escalator LED lights. Someone get him a Hollywood agent, pronto!

Sorry, LOL, this is pretty bad. But I salute the company for trying. I have always taken escalator lights for granted, but now I know better.

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