Documentary on Real Life Superheroes

Did anyone catch Superheroes last night on HBO? I hope it comes to Netflix soon. Judging by the trailer above, this looks like a must see movie.

Superheroes is a documentary by Michael Barnett about real life superheroes that walk the streets in costumes, preventing (and sometimes fighting) crime. This looks funny and quite interesting, I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Masked Vigilante says:

    In reality, these guys are a joke. The HBO DOC made them look like saints, that’s far from the truth. Most are very egotistical and run to their nearest news station to tell when they hand out sandwiches. They have silly movie-like posters made of themselves and comics based on their alter ego(which has NOTHING to do with crime fighting). There is ALOT of infighting going on. Some of them hacked Phoenix Jones Facebook page out of jealousy.
    When Zeta Man was having trouble with his marriage, some took his side, others took his wife’s side. On the RLSH forum, they PM other members criticizing other RLSH. Most are very stupid and amateurish who are more of a danger to society than a help.

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