Batman & Catwoman Costumes from Dark Knight Rises

The first photo of Ann Hathaway as Catwoman has been released! Looks like she’s riding the Batpod, and she’s missing her cat-eared mask. I wonder what’s going on? I can’t wait to find out!

Last week, images of the Bat himself were released. He’s fighting at city hall, what a troublemaker.

In related Batman news, here are all the playable costumes for the game Arkham City. Most impressive! I believe these are currently only available for UK residents who pre-order the game. I think the Batman Beyond skin is my favorite, but I like them all!


Batman sure likes dark and gray colors, doesn’t he? A fan on Reddit has a Batman coloring book, and he appropriately calls it “the most boring coloring book I ever bought.” LOL!

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One Response to Batman & Catwoman Costumes from Dark Knight Rises

  1. Ugh, Bane, That costume is boring and just a little embarrassing with the mask. Makes me think of Mortal Combat or movie Cobra Commander.

    Anne Hathaway looks smoking hot, but I really hope that isn’t her Catwoman costume. I’ve heard rumours it’s supposed to look very much like modern interpretations of her costume in the comics. So I’m still looking forward to seeing some proper photos.

    They’ve pretty much perfected Batman’s costume in TDK, no big changes here. The pants are all on piece instead of bits of armour, but these could be for practicality and not for close-ups.

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