Police Threaten Man for Wearing Costumes
August 3, 2011 discussion

Don’t wear a costume in Idaho?

I’m seeing this rather sad story all over the news today, and getting a few emails from MD readers.

Police in Salmon, Idaho have told a man he cannot wear his black bunny suit in HIS OWN BACKYARD. Neighbors have complained about the man named William Falkingham, and the cops threatened to arrest him for being a public nuisance. Apparently he sometimes adds a tutu to the bunny suit, and he also has a cowboy costume.

Well, well. It’s illegal to be unusual? This makes me mad. Perhaps someone can explain the definition of freedom to me?

Falkingham agreed to stop wearing the costume, but I think he could have easily fought this and won. He has a right to freedom of expression.

Remind me never to go to Salmon, Idaho, it sounds like a crappy place.

[via Yahoo News]

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