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Closeup of Superman’s New Costume

We have 2 years to wait for the new Superman movie, but it’s filming right now. Here are some closeups that show us a good look at Henry Cavill in the new costume.

Hmm, well he looks like Superman, but I’m still not sure what to think of the new costume. It’s so textured and rubbery. But it’s not like I have a better solution, because I don’t think flimsy tights are the answer either. Also, where’s the cape?

And as silly as it sounds, I like the red underwear that Superman always wore on the outside. LOL, I guess I just don’t know what to think.

[via Coming Soon]

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Awesome Wall-E Costume

Check out this awesome Wall-E costume! This was recently shared by Reddit user jbitndREDD, who made the costume two years ago for Halloween. To view in better detail, click on the photo to view full size.

Unfortunately, there’s no info about how he made this. I would love to see a How To tutorial. I wonder how long it took to make?

Great job, Sir!

[via Reddit]

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100 Years of East London Fashion

To celebrate the opening of the biggest shopping center in Europe, Westfield Stratford City created this viral video showing 100 years of fashion, dance and music in 100 seconds. Quite amazing!

This moves fast, try not to blink!

[via Laughing Squid]

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Incredible Homemade Chewbacca Costume

Check out this amazing homemade Chewbacca costume! This was made by Dougie Fett, a prestige member at the costume website.

This looks just like the movie costume. As you can see, he’s not the tallest guy in the world, but the built-in stilts on the feet make up for it. Seriously impressive, well done!

[via GeekyTechNews]

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The Many Faces of Darth Vader

The many expressions of Darth Vader! He’s like an open book, so easy to read. 🙂

This t-shirt was spotted being worn at a nearby Walmart. Funny stuff! Thanks to Jeff for the tip.

[Photo via Tumblr]

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Medieval Costumes in Larping Musical

If you have some spare time, this 10-minute musical is definitely worth watching. It’s got some great medieval costumes, as a group of Larpers sing their way to a “real life” party, so the main character can get the girl of his dreams.

Role Initiative was made in only 72 hours, that’s amazing! It was an entry for the 2011 Windy City Shootout’s 72 hour film competition. They were required to include these three things:

LOCATION: Stairway
PROP: Photo Print
LINE: “Call me when you’re on the other side.”

They were awarded the Critics Choice Grand Prize for their fine work. Nicely done!

[via Topless Robot]

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Cute Pigs in Costumes

Here’s a short but adorable clip of a baby pig hamming it up in a stroller, while being pushed by its momma… in someone’s living room.

Both pigs are dressed up in their Sunday finest and look ready for a stroll into town. Cute!

[via PetTube]

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Costume Fun at Archie McPhee

The folks at Archie McPhee sure have fun selling their novelty products. LOL, these videos are kind of dumb, but they gave me a chuckle.

Looks like a fun place to work! Any store that sells Pickle Fingers is definitely okay in my book.

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