Billman (Bill Murray Batman)

It’s Bill Murray as Batman!

I guess this is old news, but I missed the memo. Before Christopher Nolan made the dark and gritty Batman reboot, the studio had planned to make a funny, campy version in the spirit of the 1960’s show. They wanted Bill Murrary! Hah, I would definitely enjoy seeing that.

This t-shirt pays tribute to a movie that almost-was. You can pick one up on sale for $18 at PopchartLab.

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2 Responses to Billman (Bill Murray Batman)

  1. Tyler Foster says:

    FYI, they wanted Murray as Batman in the 1980s, before Burton’s Batman. I mean, Burton’s Batman was also “before Nolan’s Batman,” but it was longer ago than you make it seem.

  2. Sean Maclam says:

    yeah this was supposed to happen instead of burtons BATMAN. with eddie murphy as robin. either way awesome design not trying to take away from that. ill most likely buy this shirt.

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