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On Vacation

I’m on vacation, but I’ll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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A Happy Little Bob Ross Costume

What an awesome Bob Ross costume!

This is a great tribute to the man who taught us all how to draw happy little trees and clouds. If you need ideas for your upcoming Halloween costume, this is definitely a good choice!

[via Reddit]

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Woman Wears Suit to Train Fungus to Eat Her

Okay, here’s a strange one: Bioartist Jae Rhim Lee wears this black suit to train fungus to eat her body when she dies.

Yes, you heard correctly. The suit is covered in mushroom spores and she’s “training” them to live on human flesh, bone and waste. Why, you ask?

She doesn’t like the way we do funerals, with formaldehyde and cosmetics, and she thinks we harm the environment by putting these chemicals into the ground by burying bodies.

So when she dies, these mushrooms will eat her and enrich the soil, instead of poisoning it. Hmm, well this is certainly an interesting idea!

I am interested in cultural death denial, and why we are so distanced from our bodies, and especially how death denial leads to funeral practices that harm the environment — using formaldehyde and pink make-up and all that to make your loved one look vibrant and alive, so that you can imagine they’re just sleeping rather than actually dead. The US government recently upgraded formaldehyde from a probable carcinogen to a known carcinogen, so by trying to preserve the body we poison the living.

So I was thinking, what is the antidote to that? For me the answer was this mushroom – the Infinity Mushroom. It is a symbol of a new way of thinking about death.

[via BoingBoing]

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Captain America Proposes at Comic Con

Aww, this is sweet. During the Avengers panel at Comic Con, Army Captain Brandon McAnally proposed to his girlfriend on stage.

They were dressed in awesome Captain America costumes, and she thought they were on stage to answer questions about his real life military career. Then the surprise came!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Redshaw was awestruck when her boyfriend removed his Captain America shield and told her his love for her was greater than all the stars in the sky. Then, on bended knee, he asked her to marry him. Thousands of Comic-Con 2011 attendees roared and cheered with approval.

[via TDW Geeks]

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Brooklyn Optimus Prime Gets an Upgrade!

I was recently contacted by costume master Peter Kokis, who let me know his amazing Brooklyn Optimus Prime has been upgraded to Version 6! Peter makes incredible costumes out of ordinary household items. I’ve happily blogged about his Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Terminator costumes in the past.

Peter provided a lot of information in his email, explaining what new features he’s added, and he also provides some helpful tips for cosplayers and costume makers.

So, without further ado…. Heeeeeere’s Peter!

New shoulder frames, knees and lower legs that are more representative of the character, as well as some more armor panels, and a lot more detailing / gizmos all over his body. I finally gave him a groin (no comment…) as I realized the need to put something in that area on every robot. It’s also lot of little things – nothing special for any one thing – but when put all together really adds up.

I endeavor to make all my robots ‘visually busy’ to the point that if you encounter me, you can’t take it all in, especially in passing. I like to see eyes darting all over me as I storm past (I move quickly when performing, rarely staying put for too long). My guide for ALL costumes is: head, chest, hands, & feet. Everything else will follow. These are the things people are hard-wired to look at when meeting someone, consciously or not. Being visually overwhelming also ensures that if something on a costume goes wrong during a performance – breaks off, misaligns, etc. – that people won’t notice it…you know…one tree in a forest…

Brooklyn Prime has got a couple more photoshoots pending (waiting for temps below 80 deg.), and will be out and about a lot this fall (when the temps drop!) and hitting a lot of the comic cons, as he’s a manageable 120 lbs. I plan on three robots during the three days of the NY Comic Con this October, and B-Prime will be there one day. I expect B-Ironhide to weigh about 160 lbs., so he’ll definitely be more of an indoor / stationary guy. His arms will be so weaponized, so heavy, that my hands will rest on midsection supports and his arms will stay locked. Brooklyn Terminator will be at NYCC also.

Fate-willing and sunshine-only, as I say…

A tip for cosplayers in detailed or ‘armored’ costumes: during a very big event recently, I had something break off me, a stress fracture. The piece was important to me – I didn’t want to lose it – so I had to hold it for the rest of the performance. This was a big event, and because of this I could no longer ‘high-five’ people as I passed by the thousands, a major bummer for me. So now, at all performances I carry on my body a couple plastic bundle-ties and a shoelace, so I can temporarily secure something should it break off.

Thanks, Peter! AMAZING! work! You can learn more about Peter’s “Brooklyn” costumes by visiting:

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Lady Two-Face

Wow, look at this gorgeous Lady Two-Face! I think even Batman would try to kiss and make up.

You can click on the picture for larger size, it helps to see all the details. Love the mismatched eyes, very well done!

[MyModernMet via TDW Geeks]

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Seriously? Casey Anthony Halloween Mask

What on Earth? Sigh. A Casey Anthony mask is currently selling on Ebay for over $25,000. I don’t have much to add, except, “WTF!!!!”

Want to contribute to the downfall of the human race? Hurry, bidding ends in 9 hours.

I can almost guarantee it’s the ‘only’ Casey mask on the planet. Sculpted to precision for a parody video by enigmatic pop artist / sculptor Torro, only 9 of these film props were made for production and I got my hands on a few after the video wrapped. One of the best Halloween masks I’ve ever seen. This one is in excellent condition and it is numbered 6 of 9. I kept one for myself because I know these will be priceless. A significant piece of crime history. No matter what your opinion of the trial is, this is still one heck of a conversation piece.

[via Ebay]

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Japanese Singer in Dog Costume

This video is high art, and deeply profound. A professionally trained singer/pianist performs a very moving song in a dog costume!

I’m so impressed with the lyrics, so inspirational and meaningful. It’s hard to beat this post, maybe I should just retire while I’m on top?

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